At L.I.C. Bikes we rent, Hybrids, Road bikes and Tandems.

Make a reservation:
(718) 472-4537

Rental Rates

  • Hourly: 7.00
  • Daily: 35.00 (from opening til closing)
  • Over night fee is $ 5.00 in addition to daily fee.
  • Road Bike: Call or Email for our daily and weekly road rental. Reservations are recommended.
  • Energy Nutrition is available for purchase at our store.
  • New York City bicycle maps available for free
  • Helmet rental flat rate 5.00

Rentals Include
-Lights for overnight rentals
-Bike fit
-Bike Map
-Platform pedals

Things you should bring
-Bike water bottle
-Snug fitting cycling clothes
-Clipless shoes or tennis shoes for
platform pedals

Rental Policies:

  • Renter is responsible for any damages to bicycle(s)
  • Renter is liable for full value of bicycle if stolen
  • Renter agrees NOT to leave bicycle(s) unattended
  • Renter agrees to wear a helmet at all times (rental rate $5)
  • Renter agrees to a security deposit (call for amount, based on bike)
  • Renter agrees to follow ALL traffic regulations